Waterproofing Basements

Every waterproofing project requires it's own assessment and designed solution depending on the particular conditions being dealt with. There are just two simple objectives; prevent water penetration or manage effectively any water or moisture that comes through the structure.

For existing basements and other structures that are below ground and subject to penetration by water, we have to deal with the existing circumstances bearing in mind that invariably, we cannot access the external walls of the structure. For these situations, we offer a variety of solutions, which utilise advanced cavity drain systems utilising drainage channels and pump technology or cementitious tanking materials. We prevent external water that is penetrating into the structure by applying a render to the internal structure or we manage what water does penetrate through a cavity drain system utilising drainage channels and pump technology.

Both systems will create a dry internal environment in either an existing or new build basement and it is the site condition of each project that will determine the most appropriate solution. There will be occasions where we are called upon to carry out a combined system utilising both approaches.

We can also apply liquid or sheet membrane systems to elevated decks or podiums, to protect the areas below which often form part of the habitable accommodation.