Timber Treatment and Rot Prevention

If woodworm is present, we can apply low toxicity preservatives to the affected areas, which will eradicate the existing insects and prevent further infestation. Moisture getting into a building where there is extensive timber as part of the construction can also lead to one of the most damaging conditions arising in a property, namely dry rot.

Dry rot spores are always present in the air around us. They can germinate extensively where moisture is present in timbers and often in concealed areas. A mushroom like fungus may occur along with cotton wool like strands.

It thrives in high moisture environments, and can spread at an alarming rate and causing timber to weaken and crumble. By comparison, wet rot is a very similar fungus to dry rot, damaging but differing from dry rot in that it does not spread through masonry such as brickwork or concrete. It tends to stay localised to the damp source.

Renlon surveyors are fully trained to identify wet and dry rot in a structure and if present, we aim to identify the moisture source, then prevent further outbreaks by treating the areas of masonry effected and salvageable timbers within the vicinity using the appropriate fungicides.