Warranty vs Guarantee

It might sound like splitting hairs but there is a distinct difference between what we call a “guarantee” and what we call a “warranty”. They are not the same!

A guarantee is an assurance that if a product or service fails then it will be replaced. A warranty, however, is an insurance policy and as such, is a promise to provide service if something goes wrong.

So, if we turn our attention to the provision of a waterproofing solution, its failure will not result in you automatically getting your money back. Rather, you get a promise that the company supplying the waterproofing system will come back to rectify the problem.

Now the reason that this is an important distinction is that a warranty is only any good for as long as the company stays alive and active. In our industry, you may well own the property longer than your contractor remains in business and If they do go out of business, your warranty is pretty useless.

So, there are two things you need to do if you want a waterproofing solution that has very little chance of failing but in the unlikely event that it does, ensuring that you can get it fixed.

First of all, select a reputable contractor who has long experience in providing quality workmanship and a pedigree of providing well-designed solutions that work.

Secondly, don’t be blinded by warranties that promise “lifetime” cover. Ten years cover from a reputable contractor is long enough if the workmanship is of the highest standard. If your solution hasn’t shown any sign of failure in ten years, it isn’t going to fail through faulty workmanship. Even the NHBC (National House Building Council) and the PCA (Property Care association) feel that ten years is sufficient.

And finally,  you can pay a little extra for Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) cover just to give you peace of mind so that if your contractor does go out of business, you remain covered.